RAW Trainer is a vibrant lifestyle. The goal? To make you feel as fresh and sexy as our RAW dishes taste. Forget about starving and eating too little. Forget about punishing yourself for eating too much. Empowerment with each bite. Prepare your palate’s and get ready to eat your way to a better body. And if you are worrying about taste—don’t. We do some wicked fauxs including—cheese sauces, brownies, pastas, burgers, pizza, etc. Bottom line—you have the crave for something—it exists in the RAW world. RAW eating will have your taste buds questioning is this real or is it RAW? Before you know it you join the RAW Food Renegades fueled RAW, feeling fierce.









Produce from local farms, with a food mixologists twist—bold blends with tangs, savors and hints of flavor will have you saying MORE!

Learning how and why to eat RAW can be intimidating, we know, but RAW Trainer does food in a way that will help you dial back the panic, and dial up the excitement.

We have tools and techniques that will help you ease into the RAW eating lifestyle and becoming a RAW Food Renegade leaving you feeling FUELED FRESH and FEELING FIERCE.

RAW Trainer is a Meal Prep Service that provides fast, fresh and healthy RAW meals

This is the real deal.

Place your order by Midnight Thursdays. Pick up on Monday.

Pickup date may vary due to Holidays

Heart healthy, no refined sugar, flour, dairy, and naturally gluten-free!

Each week, Raw Trainer will create a Meal Pack of prepared, mostly raw, always vegan, organic, gluten and dairy free, plant-based foods that may include soups, entrées, salads, dips, and delicious desserts.

Organic and local produce are used as much as possible when available!

All food and desserts have a great refrigeration life, expect to enjoy leftovers for at least 7-10 days…that’s if they last that long.

What is the 5 Day Cleanse Pack? (Not offered every week)

Restore Health and Lose Weight by Eating Delicious, All-Natural Foods without Starving Yourself! Just eat the delicious and satisfying food we provide and you will lose weight, gain energy and feel vibrantly healthy while clearing your body of toxins.

This pack is ideal for individuals who want to kickstart weightloss, regain health, or lose a few pounds before an event or special occasion.
Pack includes: 5 Smoothies or raw juices, 5 kombucha, 5 breakfasts, 5 lunches, 5 dinners, & helpful guidelines

Whats on the menu?

Some examples of what may be on the menu: hearty chili, zucchini pasta marinara, asian macro bowl, carrot burger, mexican burrito bowl, grawnola, oatmeal porridge, chia pudding, flourless brownies, chocolate mousse, fruit sorbets, and so much more!

Does Raw Food Taste Good?

It’s not just about salads… our menus are designed with a large variety of ingredients, in ways that they are celebrated and enhanced. The results offer a rich, full flavored cuisine that is exciting, healthful and tastes amazing! Many of the dishes are those that are popular in our culture… chili, cheeses, Mexican dishes, Italian dishes, brownies, ice creams and more… the textures and flavors are simple to mimic when you know how!

Why Raw Food?

Here are just some of the awesome results you can experience on a healthy raw vegan diet:improved digestion, normalized weight, avoidance of hunger or deprivation, reduced risk of degenerative disease, increased energy, better sleep, great hair, smooth, soft skin, healthy teeth and gums, mental clarity, feeling lighter, greater overall well-being and so much more!

Learn all about the many health benefits of raw food here.