Fit Friends: NOOMA

Fit Friends: NOOMA

July 17, 2017

The Cleveland health and wellness scene is BOOMING! We're excited to announce our new blog series featuring some of our friends making waves 🌊.  For our first interview, we sat down with one of the NOOMA Founders, Jarred Smith, for an inside look into their routines, life hacks, and Raw Trainer favorites.  


KB: Tell us a bit about yourself and how you started NOOMA.

JS: Brandon and I attended Gilmour and played college and a bit of minor pro hockey, we were always given free sports drinks, the drinks always gave us issues with acid reflux. We started NOOMA from an athlete's perspective, we found a problem, and we wanted to fix it.  We wanted to offer something that was healthier than just a beverage to hydrate.  We knew that a clean, organic beverage with real ingredients was the way to go, it’s how it should be.


KB: What does your morning routine consist of?  What do you do to feel your best each day?

JS: My morning routine varies a bit, I'm up decently early, around 6/6:30, and in the summer, I try to get a workout in the morning.  I start my day with a healthy meal, typically eggs, some meat and a smoothie.  I get into the office a bit before 8 am, and tackled the hard stuff first.  I always do my best critical thinking in the morning.  — OH, and I am a stickler on making your bed every morning, I feel that it starts the day productively, and doing so sets your mindset and intentions for the day.


KB: How do you maintain a work-life balance? 

JS: It’s tough because there is so much to be done, manage daily operations, and trying to drive growth outside the region.  But I have made small commitments such as not taking laptops home anymore, and only participating in events that are on the weekends.  A great thing about our brand is that the NOOMA lifestyle is the epitome of what we enjoy most, things that we would do for relaxation and pleasure anyway, we can do those things while still representing our brand.  Group workouts, and all things related to fitness. 


KB:  Are you into podcasts?  What are your favorites?

JS: In the digital age that we live in, you can teach yourself so much.  I'm an avid podcast listener; you always have a few moments in your day that you can lend an ear.  Learn by osmosis! I have a good mix of things that they listen to: How I Built This, Entrepreneur on Fire, and Freakonomics to name a few.  I also like to listen to/read Seth Godin and Malcolm Gladwell.


KB: Tell us about your diet…do you adhere or recommend a particular diet?

JS: In general, I think you should just subscribe to a diet that you can enjoy.  My diet has evolved, but I would say it’s Paleo-ish, I am eating fewer carbs than I have before, and always eating real food. One thing that I am strict about is, no added sugars.  One simple hack I use is cooking with spices instead of sauces (there are almost always added sugars in sauces.)

 I grew up in a household that meals were made every night, using high-quality ingredients, and now I have really grown to enjoy cooking, you get to think creatively, and problem solve. 


KB: What’s been your most exciting experience as a business owner thus far?

JS: Well, there are always ups and downs, but at the end of the day, it’s always awesome to be working on building something that you love and believe in.  Most recently we’re pumped that we will be in Whole Foods nationwide this fall!


KB: What is one of your Raw Trainer favorites?

JS: Well, I am a big supporter of Raw Trainer, because, it’s the best when can check the nutrients label and as you read it, you smile. 

I can't get enough of the Notcho cheez!

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