Big Muscles - killer leg workout

February 14, 2012

While planning your workouts make sure that you focus on large muscle groups for optimal calorie burning. Muscle groups like the back or legs are major power houses and require numerous calories to operate! Make the most of your workouts by focusing on these!

Here is a leg workout that I did last week that gave me a really good burn and only took me about 35 minutes. I incorporated somes arms into it to give my legs a rest but to keep the workout moving.

3 sets, 15-20 reps, no more then 60 second rest between sets:

Combo 1: barbell squat followed by barbell bicep curls Combo 2: smith machine lunges followed by tricep cable press downs Combo 3: deadlifts followed by tricep kickbacks Combo 4: reverse alternating lunges followed by d-bell lateral raises or alternating d-bell bicep curls

By the time I made it to the 4th combo my legs were jello, good workout!

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