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July 21, 2012

This is a message we received from one of our very special and very hard working clients Barbie. She has been such a pleasure to work with and we are so proud of her. Her journey started with us after she did our Fat Flush in late February and she has been rocking it out ever since. In less than 5 months she has really done a great job! Below I have posted her results and I have also added one of her favorite recipes... Hi Pieter and Marisa, Below are the results of my testing this morning- Huge difference compared to testing in November 2011.  My weight this morning was 292 on their scale. (Previous weight was 328) Fasting Blood Sugar  89  to 80  -  down 9 Total Cholesterol  196  to 146 – down 50 LDL Cholesterol (bad) 97  to 73 – down 24 HDL Cholesterol (good)  81  to 56 – down 25 Total Cholesterol/HDL ratio  2.42  to 2.6 Triglycerides  89  to 86 – down 3 BMI 57.32 to 53.2 - down 4.12 Looks like all of our hard work is paying off! Thank you for your dedication and encouragement in this journey. I’m so blessed to have both of you in my life. Barbie   Cheezy Rawvioli 2 turnips, tomatoes or beets 1 cup pine nuts or soaked cashews 2 tsp lemon Juice 1 ½ tbsp   tamari or Bragg Liquid Amino 1-2 cloves garlic 2 tbsp  nutritional yeast 1 tsp thyme or rosemary (dried, optional) 2-4 tbsp Water (if needed)
  1. Slice the turnips/tomato/beet into very thin rounds ideally with a mandolin or spiral slicer, but if you don’t have one you can use a knife. Set aside.
  2. Add remaining ingredients to food processor or blender and process until smooth. Taste for seasonings.
  3. Spoon fillings into turnips… either fold or place another round on top to make raviolis. Serve with or without tomato marinara.
Marinara Sauce: 2 ½  cups tomatoes 10 sun dried tomatoes 1/4 cup olive oil 3 dates (pitted, soaked in warm water at least 10 minutes) 3 cloves garlic 2 tbsp basil 1/8 tsp cayenne 1 tsp sea Salt For thinner sauce: Place all ingredients into food processor or blender, and blend untilsmooth. For thicker sauce: Use hand style chopper or mix by hand ensuring to break up dates andsundried tomatoes.

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