My Beautiful Baby Boy Bennet

January 10, 2013

Today is 3 months since our baby boy Bennet Le Roux came into our lives. I wanted to share this adorable picture of him and give everyone an update. During my pregnancy I didn't know how I was going to handle a 20 month old and an infant but God has a special way of making everything work out the way it's suppose to. His big sister adores him and constantly wants to help take care of him and she has adapted so well. He is the most chill baby ever and sleeps alot! After just 6 weeks he was sleeping through the night! I'm exclusively nursing him and he eats so well that he doubled in size by his 2 month appointment bringing him to 16 pounds and 25 inches long. The doctor says he's off the charts and my mom says I have super powered milk (it must be all the raw food ;) Thank you for all the continued support as we build our family.

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