A New You: Hair Loss Makeover Contest!

November 08, 2013

Not many people know this about me but 8 years ago I began to lose my hair due to some health issues. This was a devastating time, Jeffrey Paul was able to help me and it changed my life.... I'm so excited to share this amazing opportunity with all of you... Changing lives is not a small task. For my friend Jeffrey Paul he changes the lives of women on a daily basis! Allison is the one, in the one out of four women who experiences thinning hair or hair loss. Jeffrey, along with his makeover team, helped transform Allison’s life. To watch her story Click Here! Hair loss can be caused by many different factors including stress, aging, illness or hereditary factors. If you are tired of living with a depleted self image and are ready for a change from the inside out Jeffrey Paul Salon and Beachwood Plastic Surgery Medical Spa are hosting the “A New You: Hair Loss Makeover Contest.” The winner of the $3,000 Makeover will receive the following:
  1. An exclusive custom designed human hair system: The Jeffrey Paul Salon team will evaluate your hair loss, take measurements and a mold of your head and design a custom hand-tied human hair system with the propriety J-Fiber Human Hair. This system is valued at over $2,400
  2. Permanent eyebrow makeup and airbrush application: Hair loss does not just affect the head but also eyebrows. The Beachwood Plastic Surgery team will provide the winner with permanent eyebrow make-up and a professional airbrush make-up session. This procedure is valued at $600.
If you’re interested in this transformation you can find out more details and enter to win here: http://jeffreypaulblog.com.

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