DIY Holiday Gifts

December 12, 2013

The DIY Healthy Holiday Gifts class was a huge success. We had a blast making all kinds of gifts from Serenity Body Butter to Disinfecting Kitchen Wipes to Baby Powder to Peppermint Chocolate Covered Pretzels! The best part about it was that you can use these gifts all year round for different occasions. [gallery link="file" order="DESC" columns="4"] Here are a few quick and easy DIY gift ideas that will impress anyone on your shopping list! For Mom or Friend: Sugar Scrub and Skin Serum For the Athlete or Fitness Fanatic: Glass Water Bottle, Slim and Sassy Metabolic Blend and/or Deep Blue Rub For a Neighbor or Co-worker: Peppermint Brownies in a Jar (see picture below) For a Teacher: Dry Erase Markers and Lemon Essential Oil for Cleaning the White Board The Beach Bum: Homemade Sunblock, Sunburn Relief, and Insect Repellant Have Fun! Feel free to contact me for more ideas and recipes!    

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