Raw Trainer Retreat & Certification 2014!

August 06, 2014

This had to have been one of the most incredible experiences of my life! Thank you to my new Raw Trainers for spending the weekend with me and "being the change you want to see in the world"! Click below to view photos from this amazing weekend! [gallery link="file" columns="7" ids="3105,3106,3111,3114,3107,3104,3108"] We have 16 new Certified Raw Trainers, here are just a few of their bio's! Find a Trainer!  Here are a few comments participants said about their experience!
"Very complete education of the benefits and lifestyle of living raw. Amazing instructors and quality guests speakers. Fabulous food -- amazing behind the scenes food prep staff . The best part was the bonding and the stories of everyone's journey and intention . Just LOVED it !" "It was a pleasure to learn and participate in the Education of Raw Foods. The atmosphere and the participants made this necessary training a pleasurable experience. The Instructors were not only knowledgeable but live the life of Raw! Great Retreat! My only question is, What's Next!! Thanks Raw Trainer!!" "The raw retreat and raw trainer certification gave me the tools and the extra boost to make healthy changes in my life so I can be a positive role model to those around me. I feel more energetic and passionate about life and am excited to share my knowledge and experience about the benefits of eating raw!" "What an incredible class! My beautiful raw journey has officially begun! This class has given me the foundation and the tools to begin healing myself from the inside out! I am honored to be part of the first group that will encourage others, through my daily walk, to make healthier lifestyle changes!" "This is probably the best $ I have ever spent. I learned so much, I felt so close to everyone and supported. I can really see this as a springboard for my future. While I still have to have a "job", this is now my passion that I plan to weave into my life in all aspects and I really desire to lead by example and teach others:)"  
Here is what they said about the Stanford House Accommodations.
"It was perfect. The house was just the right size for the group. "Very beautiful and tranquil setting!" "It was beautiful. I want to go there again." "It was perfect! The environment was isolated, intimate, natural, clean, and peaceful. It was a beautiful setting."  
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