Welcome Baby Annelise

October 21, 2014

I'm so very excited to announce our baby girl Annelise made her way into the world last Monday October 13th at 9:25pm. I finally had my dream water birth after attempting it with my other 2 births without success. I guess I'm a pro now ;). Annelise was my longest pregnancy (almost 42 weeks), fastest delivery (just 4 hours), and my smallest baby (just 5 pounds 15 ounces)! If you are considering a water birth, I highly recommend it. It was such a beautiful experience and even though birthing is painful it certainly took the pressure off my body and made for a better transition into the world for the baby. Maybe she will be a swimmer like her Daddy! I want to thank my husband Pieter for all the support and entertainment during the process, my Aunt Marisa who motivates me and keeps me on track when I want to call the anesthesiologist, my Midwife Sharon Johnson who always supports me and has delivered all 3 of my babies (I wouldn't trust anyone else) and of course the amazing nurses at St. John Westshore who deserve a medal for the work they do everyday! If you are looking for more information on natural birth, water births, or live in the Cleveland area and are looking for a Midwife, visit Westshore Midwifery Associates   [gallery link="file" ids="3494,3495,3496,3497,3498,3500,3499,3501"]

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