What the heck is kombucha?

What the heck is kombucha?

April 06, 2015

What the heck is kombucha? This is a question I often get as I guzzle the tasty tonic in my Pilates studio. I feel the need to post this today since so many of us have had to succumb to antibiotics this year and kombucha is a great way to restore the healthy flora in your gut. Here are some additional benefits to kombucha that I grabbed from www.getkombucha.combearded buch.jpg2 We sell Bearded Buch Kombucha at our studio and it is by far the best tasting brew I have had in a long time. Check them out at www.beardedbuch.com

Kombucha Benefits

#1 –Improves Your Digestion. Kombucha has probiotics which contributes to healthy digestive flora that helps break down foods and absorb the nutrients, while evacuating the bad stuff easier. It is an alkaline-forming food when ingested. It contains beneficial organic acids that have been attributed to better digestion and restoration: glucuronic, lactic, acetic, usnic, oxalic, malic, gluconic, butyric. Extra water is a must! A good rule of thumb is drink equal amounts of water for kombucha. This is in addition to the recommended 8 glasses of water/day. #2 –Assist in Weight Loss. The better we can digest our food (both absorb and evacuate), the better chance we have at losing excess weight. The opposite will occur people that are under weight, as kombucha will also help these people absorb their food easier. Another reason why so many drinkers have reported weight loss, is that these drinkers are replacing their sugary sodas, coffees, and other unhealthy beverages with Kombucha and water. #3 –Reduce Your Stress Level. Kombucha is made with tea, which contains the component theanine. It promotes alpha wave production in the brain as well as increases serotonin levels. #4 –More Energy. Kombucha is made with tea which means that in addition to the happy relaxed effects of theanine, it also contains the "in the zone" effects of caffeine. Tea has about a third the amount of caffeine that is found in coffee. Through the fermentation process the amount of caffeine decreases. Kombucha also has a natural supply of Vitamin B6 as well as other B Vitamins. Kombucha cleanses the liver, so another explanation could be that it is not "giving" you energy, but rather "restoring" your body to its natural state. The small amount of sugar that is found in kombucha is already broken down (sucrose, glucose & fructose during fermentation). When consumed after exercise or high stress levels, it will replenish your system similar to Gatorade on steroids, except that it is natural and the vital minerals that kombucha also provides, are from natural sources like tea instead of synthetics. #5 –Supports Your Immune System. If you are digesting your food better, cleaning out your liver, reducing the amount of sugar intake due to drinking kombucha over soda or sweetened coffee, lowering your stress levels and getting micro nutrients delivered in a super charged way, then obviously you are going to be and feel healthier. Kombucha's probiotics and antioxidant content provide your immune system with the tools it needs to keep your body strong. #6 –Cleanses Your Liver. Kombucha contains gluconic acid which continues to break down to caprylic acid a potent anti-fungal and can immensely help those suffering from Candidiasis. Gluconic acid also works in the liver, possibly as part of a detoxification pathway and why it is believed Kombucha can help the body detoxify from heavy metals and toxins. When taken with milk thistle, a liver cleansing herb, it will assist the liver even more. #7 –Skin Tonic. Ingesting Kombucha will have an affect on your skin through liver cleansing properties. Applying the tea (and/or culture) externally to the skin will act as an astringent cleansing and balancing oily skin. If you do decided to use the culture, set it a aside as your designated external culture and do not use it for making k-tea that will be ingested. And SO Much More Kombucha also has been reported to strengthen hair, restore hair color, reduce pain associated with arthritis, reduce symptoms of chronic fatigue, and more! Modified from www.getkombucha.com

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