Chikken Mineral Broth

  • Our Chikken Mineral Broth is packed with nutrients and is perfect for parents on the move. This broth can be prepared and served within minutes to keep everyone in the family happy, while still keeping it healthy. Specially infused with ginger to boost the immune system during the cold winter months and all year round. Tastes like chicken, but without the chicken!

    Directions: 2 tbsp of soup mix to 8-12 oz of boiled water. You can adjust the water to taste.
    Other uses: add to zoodles or veggies for an instant veggie soup!

    Quick Facts

    Calories – 57   Protein – 6g   Carbohydrates – 8g

  • Ingredients

    nutritional yeast, sea salt, garlic powder, turmeric, thyme, dried oregano, black pepper, sage, ginger, basil

  • Protein-6.39g, Fibre-3.49g (12.48%DV), Potassium-56.43mg (1.20%DV), Vitamin A -0.97IU (0.11%DV), Vitamin C -0.21mg (0.23%DV), Calcium-13.24mg (1.02%DV), Iron-1.61mg (8.95%DV), Magnesium, Mg-5.11mg, Phosphorus, P -16.16mg

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