About Raw Trainer



RAW Trainer is a vibrant lifestyle. The goal? To make you feel as fresh and sexy as our RAW dishes taste. Forget about starving and eating too little. Forget about punishing yourself for eating too much. Empowerment with each bite.  Prepare your palate’s and get ready to eat your way to a better body. And if you are worrying about taste – don’t. We do some wicked fauxs including - cheese sauces, brownies, pastas, burgers, pizza, etc. Bottom line—you have the crave for something—it exists in the RAW world. RAW eating will have your taste buds questioning is this real or is it RAW? Before you know it you join the RAW Food Renegades fueled RAW, feeling fierce. 




This spiritual gangster, raw-food mixologist, hard-core chef just loves the natural raw beauty of food that God created (if God made it, it is good). Striving to raise a family right, training for competitions, overcoming health challenges and seeking the dang holy grail of consuming real food is what sent, Marisa Pelser, Founder, on her journey to create her own method of fueling her body—RAW. What is RAW? Simple. Food from the earth the way it was intended. No garbage, fillers or preservatives. Tinkering with recipes, scouring books, meddling with flavors, dominating the kitchen (all while listening to some old school hip hop) Marisa & her new RAW discovery quickly became a tasty, bold lifestyle that fueled her to feeling fresh with boundless energy, beautiful skin, fierce at athletics and a clear mind.  
She is the Original RAW Food Renegade.




Marisa leads by example as she raises raw babies, who love her smoothies and veggie pops, with her husband and partner Pieter Pelser. Together they are building their team of raw renegades! People always ask Marisa how she has the energy to run her business, teach Pilates and raise four kids and the answer is simple—she lives raw—providing herself, her family and endeavors with the energy and passion they all deserve and need to flourish.