I missed the order DEADLINE and I am CRAVING Raw Trainer Meals…
Don’t worry! Stop by The Healthiest You Chiropractic Center and grab a few items from the Grab & Go cooler.

It is SO hard for me to REMEMBER to ORDER by Midnight on Thursdays – HELP!
No worries! Check out our recurring order option – you create an account, opt in and your order will be processed and ready for pick up each week!


Pick Up

I am not going home right after pick-up – how long can my food stay in my car?
Bring a cooler (Small or Large depending on your order size) to pick-up – keeping meals in a cool environment is definitely recommended. We don’t want you to leave it in a warm vehicle as it could impact the quality of your food.

Uh – Oh I missed my pick up – EEK! Can I still get my Raw Food on?
Absolutely do not stress! If you missed a pick-up please give the location you were scheduled at a call to make arrangements:



Sooo is there an order or a certain way that I should eat everything in?
With a raw food diet we enjoy the freedom to eat when and what our body desires.  Everyone has a different schedule and there is no specific order in which to enjoy your nutritious meals. Check out our FREE 3 Day Meal Plan for guidelines on starting raw.

Our meals may contain treenuts, peanuts, and/or soy (braggs liquid amigos). See Nutrition/Ingredients information.