Thursday, June 15 at 5 p.m.
thru Sunday, June 18 at 11 a.m.

"Very complete education of the benefits and lifestyle of living raw. Amazing instructors and quality guests speakers. Fabulous food -- amazing behind the scenes food prep staff. The best part was the bonding and the stories of everyone's journey and intention. Just LOVED it!"

"This is probably the best $ I have ever spent. I learned so much, I felt so close to everyone and supported. I can really see this as a springboard for my future. While I still have to have a "job", this is now my passion that I plan to weave into my life in all aspects and I really desire to lead by example and teach others:)"

Stanford House, Cuyahoga Valley Recreation Area, Peninsula OH

6093 Stanford Rd., Peninsula, OH 44264

"It was perfect. The house was just the right size for the group."

"It was perfect! The environment was isolated, intimate, natural, clean, and peaceful. It was a beautiful setting."

This retreat will supply inspiration and education for...

• Health and fitness enthusiasts looking to get away and get inspired
• Individuals looking to restore their health through good nutrition and fitness
• Health and fitness professionals looking to better serve their clients and customers
• Mothers looking to get their families health on track while getting a chance to relax and restore

    Retreat includes...

    • Recipe demonstrations, meal prepping, and knife skills
    • Workshops: life assessment and goal setting, science behind raw food nutrition, kombucha, juicing, and natural skin and body care
    • Massages, facials, and sauna
    • Unlimited yoga, pilates, and hiking
    • Camp fires and relaxation

      Plant-based meals, workshops, massage, facial, fitness, and overnight multiple occupancy accommodations at Stanford House in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park are included in your registration.

      This serene setting will put you in the relaxed state of mind to take in a year’s worth of learning in one weekend. This hands-on weekend is in an intimate setting with limited enrollment.

      Meet the teachers!


      Marisa DiCenso-Pelser

      This spiritual gangster, raw-food mixologist, hard-core chef just loves the natural raw beauty of food that God created (if God made it, it is good). Striving to raise a family right, training for competitions, overcoming health challenges and seeking the dang holy grail of consuming real food is what sent, Marisa Pelser, Founder, on her journey to create her own method of fueling her body—RAW. What is RAW? Simple. Food from the earth the way it was intended. No garbage, fillers or preservatives. Tinkering with recipes, scouring books, meddling with flavors, dominating the kitchen (all while listening to some old school hip hop) Marisa & her new RAW discovery quickly became a tasty, bold lifestyle that fueled her to feeling fresh with boundless energy, beautiful skin, fierce at athletics and a clear mind.

      She is the Original RAW Food Renegade.


      Pieter Pelser

      Instructor + Personal Trainer

      Meet Pieter, your tough (yet supportive) trainer who wants to do things great or not at all. He hunts, procrastinates, prefers to hang out at home and will never forget if you miss a class. He swam for his country (South Africa) and was pretty damn good at it, enough to get himself in the Cleveland state sports hall of fame. But the most important achievement? Building a life with his partner in crime Marisa and their family.




      Valerie Waugaman-Gal

      Christian Life Transformation Coach

      FITmission > Faith Infused Transformation

      "Goals > Game Plan > Get Results" w/ Valerie Gal
      • SIREN on NBC's American Gladiator & IFBB Pro champion athlete
      • High Performance Life Coach
      • Founder of FITmission

      Alison Shelton

      Alison has always been into fitness - from playing sports in high school to lifting weights and competing in a fitness competition after college. She's also seen her share of injuries. After a invasive shoulder surgery, and thanks to some major hype from the celebrity world, she started to pay more attention to what Pilates might be able to do for her. 'Work the small muscles that support the big muscles,' 'Get longer, and stronger', 'Take it easier on your body and get better results.' All these things piqued her interest and after her first time on the Pilates Reformer, she was hooked. She remembers that even though she had just signed a contract working in radio, she wanted to eventually teach this method because as she says, "Everybody needs to be doing it!"



      Kristen Parken

      Owner of Raw Esthetics Wellness Studio in Lakewood, esthetician, and massage therapist, Kristen has over ten years experience as a massage therapist and over five years as an esthetician.

      “I take a whole body approach when assessing needs, the goal is to find balance. I find out what the issues are and work with my clients to figure it out together. With the appropriate treatment and continuous regimen, body balance is achieved.”

      Allyson Grubba

      Ally is a Cleveland native, a yogi, a Gemini, a CrossFitter, a lululemon Ambassador, a “goaldigger,” a dog & cat mom, and a certified yoga instructor. She received her yoga certification from Cleveland Yoga in 2013 where she currently teaches, under the guidance of Tami Schneider. Ally’s teaching style is a reflection of her core values [connection, light, fearlessness, and acceptance] and credits yoga for the person she is today. Her classes can be described as grounding, inspirational, and challenging, infused with lightness and good music!

      “Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire.”



      Sherri Engelmann LMT, APP

      Sherri has developed a relaxing bodywork style that caters to addressing underlying causes for tension and pain based on 22 years of bodywork experience. In addition to her licensure with the State of Ohio Medical Board she holds certifications in Polarity, Reiki, Lomi- Lomi, Chakra Balancing, Myofascial Release Therapy, Therapeutic Applications in Sports, Deep Tissue and Neuromuscular Release as well as Acupressure. Each session is tailored to a clients individual needs to target stressors and restore balance




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