Maca-Oat Smoothie

  • The Maca-Oat Smoothie is an amazing smoothie with an incredible flavor. The combination of apple, dried mulberry, and oatmeal is delicious.

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    Download the Smoothie Instruction sheet here.

  • Apple, Dried Mulberry, Oatmeal, Maca, Cinnamon Powder
    Mix with: plant based milk (such as almond or rice milk) or water

    Disclaimer: Please note that the values calculated are only as accurate as the weight, ingredient and nutrition information provided. For guaranteed accuracy, please have your food items lab tested. Recipe Cost Calculator does not accept any liability resulting from inaccurately calculated nutrition data.

  • Ingredients will come fresh and ready to blend. Ingredients come in a reusable cup. Fill the cup to the top with liquid of choice (we recommend plant based milks or coconut water). Pour the contents into blender and blend! Pour the blended smoothie back into the cup.
    • Freeze smoothie cups once you bring them home
    • Fill the smoothie cup with liquid of choice, blend, then pour back into cup and enjoy
    • Smoothie cups are designed to be blended with plant-based milk, juices or coconut water
    • If you would like your smoothie to be a bit sweeter, add a ripe banana or a few dates
    • Smoothie pack can also be used as a one day smoothie cleanse by replacing your meals with smoothies. Drink plenty of water between smoothies



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